Old Shanela is a duo from Barcelona formed by Àlex Huguet and Carles Bertolín. We play covers of all times with a Pop, Rock, Folk style. We can play from Ed Sheeran to The Beatles, from La Flaca to Get Lucky, from Bob Dylan to Mumford and Sons. A wide and great set list with classic songs that will never go out of style.

2013 summer was when we met each other, we both played separately in other music projects, but we were proposed to cover a substitute fo a beach bar in Tarragona and, since then, we have played in lots of places and events such as Hard Rock Café, Event in Jardins de Pedralbes, Festes de Gràcia… playing weekly in bars/ Irish pub in Barcelona like Michael Collins, Panoràmic Bar, La Taverna de Barcelona, Obama Bar, IDEA Bar, El Vermú de la Neura … and, during spring-summer seasons, we have played in infinity of Beach Bars, Private Parties and Weddings.

We combine guitars (acoustic and electric) along with percussion and pedal effects to be able to play, in our own way, the songs. A very small format that allow us to play anywhere, however small the places may be.


Alex playing a solo in his electric guitar

Àlex Huguet

Barcelona. Singer/Choirs/Electric Guitar and Percussion

Carles screaming and playing the guitar

Carles Bertolín

Barcelona. Singer/Choirs/Acoustic Guitar and Percussion